increase in green journeys in Bracknell

Great to see huge increase in green journeys in Bracknell as schools went back after Easter. We are aiming for 100 tonnes of CO2 saved and 250k green miles by end of the Summer.

Eco Rewards in Bracknell is seeing substantial growth in membership with schools and the local community – see summary chart below. We have seen 49% mode shift from driving for active registered participants reporting green journeys and anecdotal feedback that fewer pupils are being driven by car.

Since schools re-opened and life started to return to normal, we have seen growing participation from the students and are in the process of adding 3 more schools. We also have a growing number of residents who have heard about the scheme and joined using their e+ cards or one of our smart tags. About 1000 people have participated to date with typically 500 green journey reports per day. We have handed out £1500 in prize draws and awards for pupils to encourage participation. When lockdown eases further, vouchers for local activities will help increase engagement.

We are utilising the Smart Berks LoRaWAN for our network of blue readers which are on lamp posts, pedestrian crossings and other poles. The network around Bracknell is proving reliable with 98% of data arriving within target time and no data lost. Our equipment has bedded in well and availability of devices was very high during April with any outages going unnoticed by participants as the devices can store 100s of transactions and forward when back on line.


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