Rewarding Green Travel Choices

Eco Rewards offers rewards and incentives for schools, businesses and communities in Bracknell Forest to encourage residents and students to choose greener travel and healthy lifestyle options.

Employers can invite their staff and customers to join and reduce their carbon footprint. Collectively participants could save on fuel costs and reduce their CO2 emissions by 1000s tonnes.

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If you represent an organisation or are based in another area, please contact us for more information.

How do Eco Rewards motivate people?


A report showing graphs

Walking, cycling and green travel can be reported through smart tags, smartcards or online self-reporting. Works alongside existing fitness apps.


A present with a bow

Eco Rewards, discounts and cash-back from 1000’s of well-known online retailers and local offers.


A podium showing the winner with their hands in the air

League tables, prize draws, medals and carbon savings calculator help keep your motivation high.

Carbon savings

A person pointing at a graph on a board

We calculate your carbon savings and you can see your green miles grow.


Car with a clock next to it

Reduce the number of car journeys

A queue of cars

Reduce local congestion

A car with exhaust fumes coming from the rear

Reduce pollution

A cloud with CO2 written on it

Reduce carbon released

A hand holding a plant

Improve local environment


Health symbol

Health benefits from regularly walking and cycling

A lorry travelling fast

Faster and safer journeys on roads

A happy face

Less stressful journeys

Earth being cradled in 2 hands

Make a difference to the environment

How does it work?

Participants in the scheme register online and record their journey choices by tapping their smart tags, rail smartcard or existing Bracknell e+ cards on the Eco Rewards blue readers. The readers will send the data back over the Smart Berkshire private Internet of Things network.

You can collect an Eco Rewards smart tag from local retailers and participating organisations.


Participants can also report their green journeys via an online form. We will calculate your CO2 savings and green miles. Over time, participants will see their carbon savings grow, both as an individual and as a member of the community.

You will be entered into prize draws and are eligible to access retailer discounts and cashback. You can see your points, savings and access to benefits by completing logging on to your account.

How to participate in three steps


A laptop with a world map on it

Register with unique ID on the back of your smart tag, smartcard number, or request a virtual ID


A bicycle

Use green travel choice & tap to record trip using your smart tag or card or self report online


A present with a bow

View journeys & points. Gain special discounts, prizes or cash-back rewards

Get started

Just collect a smart tag or use your e+ card or rail smartcard. Start tapping your card on the blue readers and register your card with your green travel mode and usual return journey distance.

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